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We have an advanced endo urology suite equipped with flexible ureteroscope, fine semi-rigid ureteroscope, paediatric scope, advanced miniature nephroscope which makes stone surgery hassle free.

ESWL – Extra Shock Wave Lithotripsy

This is a non-invasive treatment of kidney stone, where a stone of size 1 cm can be breaked by focussing a strong electromagnetic or electrohydraulic  waves generated by a machine.  

PCNL – Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy

Large kidney stones can be removed with a single port ( Key hole) surgery. When a small incision < 1 cm is made to remove a stone of size 2 - 5 cm. This is procedure we use an endoscope of kidney called nephroscope and break the stone with laser and remove it with forceps.

Minperc and Ultra Mini Perc

 This is a procedure similar to PCNL where the tract size is only 5 mm, here we use a nephroscope which is thinner than the standard scope.

RIRS –Retrograde Intra Renal Surgery

Retrograde Intra Renal Surgery in which there is no wound in the body. when a stone in kidney not amenable to  be cleared by ESWL or PCNL, can  be treated with RIRS - a procedure by using flexible ureteroscope to enter the inaccessible areas of pelvicalycial system and breaking the stone with laser.


A stone stuck in the ureter  can cause serve pain  which can be endoscopically removed by breaking it with laser and removed with basket.

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